I beat the market

Let me show you how

Build wealth by investing in the best businesses in the world. I’ll show you exactly how I analyze them, buy them, and sell them.

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

Stock Investing Mentor is for stock pickers who want to master the art of investing.

Hi, I'm Brian Stoffel

Over the last decade, my portfolio has crushed the market.

But, I haven’t always done so well as an investor.

When I started investing, I had no idea what I was doing, and I made a ton of expensive mistakes:

  • I was confused by all of the investing & financial jargon
  • I had no idea how to value a stock to know if it was a buy or a sell
  • I couldn’t tell the difference between a good vs. bad company

Even though I was putting a ton of time into learning investing, I wasn’t getting the results I needed to achieve my financials goals.

That all changed a decade ago.

That’s when I created an investing framework that made me a much better investor.

This simple framework allows me to:

  • Tell if a company is good, great, or gruesome
  • Value the company to know if it is a buy or sell
  • Size the position to maximize my upside & minimize my risk

Once I put this investing framework into place, my returns improved dramatically.

So much that I’ve beaten the market over the last 10 years.

So, what is this framework?

I call it the ADAPT framework.

A - Assess The Story

I want invest in the best companies in the world — those THRIVE in an uncertain future. I call these businesses “Antifragile”. These companies have strong moat for defense, growth potential for offense, and they are run by a great management team with lots of skin in the game.




D - Data Deep Dive

Once I understand the story, it’s time to look at the company’s report card– its financials.
I dive deep into the numbers and look for yellow flags, analyze key metrics & ratios, and ensure that the numbers back up the company’s story.

A - Analyze Valuation

Even the best companies in the world would be a lousy investment if I paid too much to own it.
That’s why a critical next step is to ensure the company is trading at an attractive valuation before I buy.

P - Portfolio Allocation

Once I’ve decided to buy a stock, my job isn’t done.
I then make sure to size the position based on risk to maximize my upside potential while limiting my downside.

T - Track Progress

I’m not a buy-and-hold investor, I’m a buy-and-monitor one. Once I own a stock, I need to access the earnings reports each quarter to know if the thesis is still on track. These assessments are critical for managing my portfolio’s health and deciding whether to buy more, hold, or sell.

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

Following the ADAPT framework works

My portfolio outperformed both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 for a decade!

How Stock Investing Mentor works:

1. Weekly live 1-hour training sessions

2. Full access to Brian Stoffel’s portfolio

3. Private online investing community

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

What's Included:

1. Weekly Live Learning Sessions with Brian Stoffel

Repeat The ADAPT Framework Every 5 Weeks

New topics covered each cycle

Replays included

Live Learning Topics Rotate Each Week
Example Topics:

Live Learning Session Agenda

Real-Life Application

A new investing lesson is taught each week related to current market conditions or recent portfolio moves.


Practice your new skills, ask the team questions, receive direct feedback.

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

What's Included:

2. Full Access to Brian Stoffel’s Real-Life Portfolio

Real-time updates every time I buy or sell.

Detailed explanations behind every move I make

Quarterly updates on every stock I own

Detailed breakdowns of what I’m buying,
why I’m buying it, and when I’d sell

What's Included:

3. Private Online Investing Community

Direct access to me & my team

Find & interact with investors like you

Get answers to your questions

Vetted conversations to ensure quality

Meet other members

Ask questions anytime

Access Resources

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

Meet Your Stock Investing Mentor Team

Brian Stoffel, Lead

  • Investor since 2009
  • Loves to buy and MONITOR antifragile businesses
  • Best investment: Amazon +2,500%
  • Worst Investment: Peloton (74%)

Brian Withers

  • Investor since 1998
  • Loves to balance dividend & growth stocks
  • Best investment: MercadoLibre +1,300%
  • Worst Investment: LeapFrog (94%)

Brian Feroldi

  • Investor since 2004
  • Author, Why Does the Stock Market Go Up?
  • Loves to buy and HOLD quality stocks
  • Best investment: Netflix, +4,200%
  • Worst Investment: Vivos (98%)

Ken Taylor

  • Investor since 2019
  • MS Accounting
  • Loves “boring” stocks
  • Best investment: Nvidia, +667%
  • Worst investment: Silicon Valley Bank, (100%)

Guest Lectures Monthly

Our former students love us:

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

See the ADAPT Framework in Action

A - Assess The Story

Axon developed a wide-moat TASER business. But the company was growing fast because of its new high-margin body cameras and software business. The transformation was overseen by CEO and founder Rick Smith. I LOVED this story!




D - Data Deep Dive

Axon wasn’t raking in the profits immediately. I was ok with that. It was in growth mode. The two things that mattered the most: fast revenue growth and not losing money. Axon checked both boxes.

A - Analyze Valuation

Axon was in Stage 3: Self Funding, meaning it wasn’t optimized for profits. I used a reverse DCF calculator to assets its valuation. Axon was priced for 14% annualized growth, which significantly undervalued its potential.

1. Business Stage

2. Valuation Method

3. Assess Result

P - Portfolio Allocation

I had a lot of confidence in the company’s defense (wide-moat TASER business), offense (fast-growing body camera business), and management (founder/CEO), so I made Axon a large position in my portfolio.

T - Track Progress

I’ve owned Axon for 7+ years. I continually review quarterly earnings and track the progress the company is making. So far, it has returned over 1,100% since I first bought.

Stock Investing Mentor is a fit for you if...

You are tired of “winging it” as an investor

You want an investing program that fits your schedule

You want a step-by-step framework to improve your returns

You want to connect with other like-minded investors

You want to learn investing skills that last a lifetime

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

Bonus #1: Brian Stoffel’s Investing Watchlist

Bonus #2: Self-Paced Stock Research Course

Bonus #3: Valuation Calculators

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

Stock Investing Mentor Summary

Weekly Live Training

Portfolio Access

Investing Community

Bonus 1: Watchlist

Bonus 2: Course

Bonus 3: Tools

Remember That...

One great investment idea can cover Stock Investing Mentor many times over.

One piece of education can help you avoid a mistake that will save you thousands.

One connection with a fellow investor could add an extremely valuable person to your network.

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.

Joining Is Risk-Free

If you’re not happy, just let us know in the first 30 days, and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Launching September 1, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing information hasn’t been released yet. That’s in part because pricing this is pretty tricky.

Stock Investing Mentor isn’t just a live course, a framework, a portfolio tracker, or a community. It combines the best aspects of all four..

And because of that, we have no baseline of other products to compare it to.

We do know that live courses range in cost from $500 – $2,500. Frameworks from $500 – $1,000. Portfolio trackers from $99 – $1,000. Communities from $300 – $10,000 per year.

The truth is, we think we’ve created something pretty cool. But, there’s always room to experiment, get feedback, and optimize for improvement over time rather than trying to perfect everything (including the pricing) on day 1.

We can tell you that the cost will be in the ballpark of our previous cohort-based courses. We also plan on launching at a discounted price and raising prices from there. We’ll be offering the option to subscribe quarterly or annually.

Finally, we will make it as risk-free as we possibly can by including a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Our program is designed for the working professional. We have 3 ways to make it easy for you to participate:

  • Scheduling consistency: 60-minute practice sessions held weekly at the same day/time
  • Everything is recorded: Miss a session? Catch up with a video replay when you have time.
  • “Always Open” Course Community: Got questions outside of class? We got you covered. Post your questions anytime in the community to get feedback in between sessions.

Yes! Brian Stoffel has taught 1,000s of students challenging concepts in easy-to-understand ways. Plus, you have access to a 50% discount to our “Explained Simply” courses if you want to brush up on the investing basics.

Yes! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If within the first 30 days, you request a refund, we’ll return your payment, no questions asked.

All live sessions will be recorded and posted in the community within a few hours.

You’ll have full access to all the video replays and lessons for one year. You’ll be able to download them for your personal use forever.

While we can’t provide personal investing advice, Brian will answer members’ questions in the live sessions or in the online community.

Stock Investing Mentor launches September 1st.