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Over a decade ago, all three of us made the most consequential financial decisions of our lives. And yet, they were ridiculously anti-climactic at the time: we hit the “BUY” button in our brokerage. No trumpets sounded; no parties were hosted. We went about our day.

However, with the passing of time, the significance of those decisions has exploded. For Feroldi, it was the 2012 purchase of Tesla (up ~12,000%); for Stoffel, the 2017 purchase of Shopify (up ~1,000%); for Withers, the 2018 purchase of The Trade Desk (up ~1,700%).

All three of these companies shared a peculiar trait when they were bought: they were either unprofitable (Tesla & Shopify) or barely profitable (The Trade Desk).

Does this mean that investors should focus all of their attention on finding unprofitable businesses? Absolutely not! Does it mean that all unprofitable businesses will be great investments? That’s an even BIGGER no!

What it means is that the market is naturally skeptical when it comes to unprofitable companies. That makes complete sense. Most unprofitable businesses flame out. But that pessimism is also exactly what causes such investment to be so successful. If those companies can execute against their opportunity — which is a huge if — the market will eventually take notice and the stock is off to the races.

Here’s the tricky part: how can investors tell if a company will succeed or fail? That’s a hard question to answer, but we think two factors play an outsized role: 1) the company must have an identifiable moat, and 2) it must balance its growth and profitability carefully. If it leans too heavily in either direction – growth or profitability – it can quickly teeter off course.

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Wishing you investing success,

– Brian Feroldi, Brian Stoffel, & Brian Withers

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