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Every time I get worried about the current circumstances of the United States I rewatch my favorite YouTube series of all-time: Crash Course U.S. History

Rather than focusing on war, each 12 minute episode covers politics, economics, and culture at various time periods in U.S. history.

If you’re feeling uneasy about the current state of the U.S. politically or economically, this series will help to put things in perspective.

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Landing a new job isn’t easy. This thread by Austin Belcak does a wonderful job of highlighting tips, strategies, and actions you can take to get an offer without needing to apply online.

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Austin Belcak

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May 20th 2022

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“What’s for dinner?” is a recurring question in my household. Coming up with an answer that pleases everyone is never easy. The most useful tool I’ve ever found for finding ideas is Budget Bytes. This free site has tons of recipes with pictures, and it breaks the cost per person.

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