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Summer (and earnings season) are both rapidly coming to a close. We hope that both were good to you.

We are thrilled to announce that our flagship course Financial Statements Explained Simply opens for enrollment this Saturday (August 27th). The feedback from the first cohort was amazing and we’ve made some tweaks to the content to make this round even better.

If you are interested in nabbing an early sign-up discount, simply add your name to the wait list (which currently has over 600+ eager students).

– Brian Feroldi & Brian Stoffel

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My market timing plan:

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Charlie Munger is a fountain of wisdom. One of my favorite talks I’ve ever heard him give is called “24 Causes of Human Misjudgment”. It’s a masterclass on psychology. A Youtube channel called The Wisdom Wire animated his talk, which really helps to drive the key points home. You can watch this wonderful video here.

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New ideas are rarely generated from scheduled meetings. They come during random times in life, usually when your mind is free to wander.

This great thread by Amanda Natividad breaks down 16 ways to create more opportunities to get the creativity juices flowing:

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June 15th 2022

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If you are a book worm, you’ll love Library Extension. This free tool searches your local library to check for book availability whenever you are about to buy. Just don’t use it on Brian Feroldi’s book 😉.

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