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Our friend Morgan Housel has a new podcast. It hasn’t disappointed.

He recently detailed the fate of two men who entered a 1968 London-based race to be the first person to sail around the world.

  • Donald Crowhurst had failed in a lot in his life. He wanted to prove he wasn’t a failure. But a few months into the race, he sprung a leak. He knew it’d be fatal to sail around South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. So he hung out in the Atlantic for six months to make it seem like he sailed around the world.
  • Bernard Moitessier loved sailing. He didn’t care much about world records. He just liked being on his boat, and the race was a perfect excuse to maximize his time on it. A few months in, he rounded South America’s Cape Horn long before the competition.

Neither one of them ever returned to London.

Donald realized he’d likely “win”. But with the attention he’d get from winning, people would see he was a fraud. Unable to stand such embarrassment, he threw himself into the ocean and died.

Bernard also realized he’d likely win. With the attention he’d get from winning, his identity would be linked to winning — and not sailing for the sake of sailing. He turned his ship around and sailed to Tahiti. He built a house on the beach, grew his own food, married a local, and spent the next 25 years living happily there.

The story is a great reminder: are you investing to impress others, or so that you can experience things in life that bring you genuine joy?

Everyone’s journey towards financial independence can look the same from the outside looking in. But if your motivation is solely to impress others, it’s likely to be a long and depressing experience on the inside looking out.

We don’t want that for ourselves, or for you.

Wishing you investing success,

– Brian Feroldi, Brian Stoffel, & Brian Withers

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May 15th 2022

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