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There are four core areas of life that most benefit from long-term thinking:

  1. Physically health
  2. Financial health
  3. Mental health
  4. Relationships

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One of my favorite blogs of all time is Raptitue by David Cain. The blog is all about getting better at being human. At its core, it’s about mastering a set of skills that aren’t taught in school.

If you’ve never read Rapititude before, I recommend starting with the list of most helpful posts.

One Twitter Thread:

Daniel Pink has read thousands of passages about people’s biggest regrets. It became the basis for his 2022 book: The Power of Regret. This wonderful thread by Shiromani Kant does a great job of compiling the book’s major lessons.

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Shiromani Kant ⚡

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July 11th 2022

One Resource:

It can be really hard to change habits. If you’ve got an important change you want to make in your life, stickK can help make it…well…stick.

The website helps you clarify your goal, create a plan, join a community to support you, and – most importantly – put your own money on the line to hold yourself accountable.

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