🧠 Will AI Reignite SaaS Growth?

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On November 30, 2022, a seismic shift rippled through the tech industry. ChatGPT was introduced to the world. In the 18 months since, artificial intelligence (AI) has drastically improved and changed the way some industries operate.

For investors, the opportunity has come in waves.

Wave 1: Semiconductors — NVIDIA shares are up over 450% since ChatGPT’s release. The biggest reason: everyone is gobbling up NVIDIA’s chips for data centers. Notice that revenue growth accelerated immediately after ChatGPT’s release.

Wave 2: Hyperscalers — Amazon shares are up a more modest 90% since ChatGPT’s release. The company was a major purchaser of those NVIDIA chips for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings. Notice that it took about a year for that AI-induced bump to surface for Amazon. This makes sense: it takes time for the chips to be installed in AWS data centers.

Wave 3: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications — Snowflake shares are only up 15% since ChatGPT’s release. In theory, the company’s usage-based data-crunching tools should be major beneficiaries of AI. But as you can see, revenue growth has not re-accelerated.

Does that mean Snowflake won’t benefit from AI?

Not necessarily.

It takes months for those NVIDIA chips to make it to Amazon. And then it takes months for Amazon’s customers to start ramping up AI-usage. Only then would a benefit show up for Snowflake.

That’s why the next year will be incredibly important for stocks like Snowflake (as well as similar companies like MongoDB, Datadog, and Cloudflare). The top priority for long-term investors should be revenue growth re-acceleration. That’s what we’ll be watching closely in the year ahead.

Of course, a single quarter doesn’t make or break a company, but this is decidedly an important threshold for investors in such companies.

Wishing you investing success,

– Brian Feroldi, Brian Stoffel, & Brian Withers

P.S. Both Snowflake and NVIDIA will come out with earnings later today. Check out our YouTube channel for real-time updates on the results.

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