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Do financial statements confuse you?

Do you “tune out” when the numbers are discussed at work?

You’re not alone!

The sad truth is that 95% of business professionals can’t read financial statements.

Which is like being a musician…but not knowing how to read music.

Here’s the good news: Learning to read financial statements is not out of reach!

In fact, it’s a skill that anyone can master.

And you don’t have to memorize complex formulas, be good at math, or spend years studying accounting.

The key is to master the fundamentals of accounting.

Once you’ve done that, reading & analyzing financial statements is a breeze.

And the fastest way to master the fundamentals of accounting is to learn them visually.

That’s because the phrase “A picture is worth 1,000 words” is 100% true.

Our brains evolved to learn about the world visually.

90% of the information we receive comes through our eyes, and we process visual information 60,000x faster than text.

This is why visuals are perfect for learning.

We not only process visual information faster than text alone, and we retain the information longer.

Want proof? Take a look at this IKEA furniture assembly instruction visual:

There’s not a single word in this image, but with just a quick glance you instantly understand how this furniture goes together.

Why? Because the instructions are presented visually.

This is precisely why you will love Accounting Explained Visually.

The eBook is a collection of the 50 most popular accounting infographics we’ve ever made, all of which teach an important accounting concept visually.

Here are some examples:

These visuals will not only allow you to learn the fundamentals of accounting quickly, but you’ll also retain the information so you can use it in the real world.

What’s more, by saving this eBook to your device, you can use it as a quick reference guide.

It’s like having an accounting brain booster right at your fingertips.

Here’s what some of my followers say about these visuals:

Now, these infographics have taken us hundreds of hours to make… (and they are extremely popular on social media…)

That’s why we usually sell Accounting Explained Visually for $49 (which itself is a steal).

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